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The key lab project of seawater desalination in Zhejiang undertook by HWTT passed the acceptance
Source: 杭州水处理 Date: 2018-12-14

On December 4, 2018, Zhejiang provincial science and technology department organized experts to hold the acceptance meeting of "Zhejiang provincial key laboratory of seawater desalination technology research" project undertaken by HWTT in Hangzhou. The acceptance expert group unanimously agrees to pass the acceptance inspection after the on-site investigation, inquiry and discussion.

The key laboratory of seawater desalination technology research in Zhejiang province, approved by Zhejiang provincial department of science and technology, is the only major scientific and technological innovation platform in the field of seawater desalination technology in Zhejiang province, mainly relying on HWTT innovation center. Laboratory takes the generality of the seawater desalination industry development in our country, the key and bottleneck technique as the research focus, through independent innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, and other patterns, breaks through technical difficulties in the development of seawater desalination industry in China, researches and develops new materials, new products, new equipment and new technology that help seawater desalination technology and industry in China to continue developing rapidly, accelerates the transformation of research achievements, promotes seawater desalination technology progress, so as to improve the international competitive ability of seawater desalination technology in China and market share.

During the construction period, the laboratory focused on four research directions, including membrane materials and membrane assembly, key equipment of seawater desalination, membrane water treatment technology, detection and evaluation technology of seawater desalination, and made breakthrough progress. Membrane material and membrane group research direction and focus on the high performance of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration membrane material preparation and industrialization of technology, developed a blend of high performance membrane material, combined with the quantitative coating film preparation technology and automation volume membrane technology, developed the autonomized membrane products whose performance is similar to import reverse osmosis seawater desalination membrane products, and the membrane production line was designed and built; The research direction of key equipment of seawater desalination focuses on solving the key technologies of structure design, material optimization, processing and manufacturing of energy recovery device, developing the first energy recovery device matching 1000 tons/d and 5000 tons/d in China, and carrying out engineering demonstration application. Through the optimization design and modular integration of small seawater desalination system, container desalination device was developed. In the research direction in the water by membrane process development, successfully solved the large reverse osmosis seawater desalination system integration and the key technologies of equipment manufacturing, established the first landmark - reverse osmosis seawater desalination standalone demonstration project, and for the first time the key equipment localization rate up to 70%, technical index of system energy consumption synchronized with the international level. In the direction of seawater desalination detection and evaluation technology, the company takes the lead in developing the product test methods of hollow fiber membrane and reverse osmosis seawater desalination membrane in China, as well as the research on the detection and evaluation technology of acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics. The key technologies of membrane sample preparation, detection equipment and test method were mainly solved. The membrane product evaluation system was preliminarily established and several national and industrial standards were drafted.


Acceptance meeting site


The expert group inspected the laboratory site

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